About Us

About Us

Celebrating Sweet Excess since 1995

Dessert Gallery is all about passion! Passion for life. Passion for desserts. Passion for all that desserts represent: love, friends, family, nurturing, creativity, affection, sharing, community.

Dessert Gallery is real. This is not a big national chain. It is a place where real people make real desserts by hand, using great ingredients and lots of love. We were doing it this way when “homemade” and “all natural” were a given, and not just the buzzwords du jour.

Dessert Gallery is family. There are second-generation workers in our kitchens and in our stores. We love knowing that our desserts have graced your tables for countless celebrations and special occasions at work and at home. We love seeing you enjoy our cafes with family and friends and we take personal pride when we see you come back time and time again.

Passion. Genuine. Family. That's Dessert Gallery!