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Gluten-Free Desserts, Houston

Cakes, Cookies & More

Until Dessert Gallery opened in 1995, there weren’t many dessert options for people who can’t eat gluten. Although there is gluten in our kitchen, we have many delicious desserts that are completely flourless!

Gluten-Free Desserts & Cakes

Our gluten-free Houston desserts are so yummy that choosing just one may be hard! Are you thinking of chocolate? Everyone’s Favorite Mousse Cake is a mouthwatering piece of chocolate heaven - a dense, dark chocolate base, topped with dark chocolate mousse, cream, and chocolate curls. Everyone’s Favorite Mousse Cake can be purchased by the slice or as a whole 9-inch cake.  

Several of our gluten-free desserts are available by special order. Our Chocolate Vacherin is a meringue shell filled with chocolate mousse. Our exquisite Concorde Cake is available in white or dark chocolate. Eating a slice of Lemon Vacherin is like eating a lemony cloud of meringue and creamy lemon mousse. For a special treat, order it with a side of raspberry sauce! 

Gluten-Free Brownies

a.k.a. Chocolate Decadence Bars! Just like our commitment to making the best gluten friendly cakes, we also serve the most delicious gluten-friendly brownies in town. So even if you are not searching for gluten-free desserts in Houston, you’ll love these because they are just that good!

Why Choose Dessert Gallery for Gluten-Friendly Desserts?

We understand that finding a restaurant or a bakery to accommodate your gluten- free diet feels like searching for a needle in a haystack. For years, gluten-free options have been underserved, making it virtually impossible for holidays, special occasions, or even an everyday treat. 

Not that long ago, the only available dessert for gluten-free diets has been ice cream or gelato. But our Dessert Gallery bakers have created a whole menu of the most delicious gluten-friendly desserts you can imagine!! 

Just like everything else on our menu, our delicious GF desserts are made with the absolute finest ingredients….and love! 

We Deliver Gluten-Free Desserts in Houston, TX

Don’t worry if you cannot come to our Dessert Gallery store and enjoy one of our gluten-friendly desserts. We can bring our desserts to you. Just place your order, and you can enjoy your GF desserts wherever and whenever you choose. We guarantee you will ask for more!